About Me

Having been raised the the Greater Vancouver Area, and specifically East Vancouver gives me an edge over Realtors® who practice real estate and live outside the Vancouver area. I am quickly adaptable, and comfortable in doing deals outside of the Greater Vancouver Area.

I have witnessed the doubling of home prices since tackling the real estate market, been thru recessions and the days of multiples offers.  When I am not out there serving my clients, I spend the rest of my time with my wife and two kids who keep me grounded in such a fast paced and ever-changing world. All my business is thru repeat referrals and I have been serving buyers and sellers for over 10 years now who have trusted my relentless negotiating skills in achieving their goals.

Also having a sub-mortgage broker licence in the past has given me extensive knowledge and experience in Finance which I pass on to my buyers and sellers. I own several properties in Vancouver myself and am entering the world of constructing homes. Having ran several businesses in past years has just added to my extensive experience in money management and negotiation. My clients use me because they trust my skills and know I am loyal in representing them in order to get an edge in the deal.

Although money is a motivating factor in being a real estate agent I pride myself in providing the best service possible as my motivating factor thereby reaping great rewards for my clients who come to me time and time again.